LuceTu is the story of two brothers in love with their hometown Milan, which they have seen changing in the soul and evolving over the years. Isacco and Nicole founded LuceTu with the aim of enhancing the artisan tradition of the small Milanese workshops, creating irresistible jewel lamps rooted in Milanese history. To ground in the cultural background of the city, each collection is inspired by fragments of Milanese popular culture. Images of old traditions emerge, which are inseparably linked to the identity of the lamps. Hence the choice for products names in old dialect.

In this research between past and present nothing is left to chance. Every effort is focused on attention to details and experimentation with new materials to embellish the lamps and surprise customers and visitors. A tailoring of light, an atelier where the lamps are sewn on the client’s personality, all handcrafted in Milan


Are you an architect, an interior designer or a B2B professional? Our team is at your disposal to create outstanding custom projects.

The technical office is ready to respond to lighting engineering requests, while our architects can interact in the production of a complete lighting or interior design project. By making the best use of our technical and artisan skills, we are able to carry out design works combining quality and research. Each material is treated in accordance with its physical and aesthetic qualities and each project is followed by us in a continuous dialogue with the artisans and the customers.