Hotel Lombardia

Bespoke project for Hotel Lombardia in Milan. The scenic impact of the venue is created using innovative materials combined with traditional ones, adding a strong contrast between vintage and modern. Charming is the game of lights and shadows achieved with the use of vertical strip filters and the specific design of the false ceiling in the lounge area. The 3D shapes on the walls and the selection of lights for the space, with the predominant black and gold colours, create a charming luxury effect for the eye. In this space large brass parallelepipeds reflect and heat the light. The environment is very relaxing thanks to a perfect polychrome arrangement with the materials used. These help to create a relaxing atmosphere and do not require maintenance. The entire back of the counter has also been covered with an eco galuchat wallpaper that further enhances the atmosphere. Round circle lamps created by LuceTu have been inserted to brighten the wall and give a stronger impact to the eye.

luci reception