Private appartment in Milan

A metropolitan penthouse on two levels with a contemporary taste, interpreted in an original way with innovative materials, striking architectural solutions and artisan design lights. The load-bearing architectural structures are enhanced and interpreted as decorative elements with a strong visual impact, thanks also to the refined lighting solutions designed in synergy with our architect. For example, the kitchen and living room are naturally illuminated by light filtered by skylights (cut into the inclined pitch of the roof), creating natural light effects during the day, while in the evening the warm light of the lamps makes the space equally welcoming and evocative. Above the solid oak top of the peninsula, we placed 3 tubular lamps (Lustrin collection) in combination with the fascinating bar stools. Even the spotlights located in various areas, in the center of the living room and in the walk-in closet in the bedroom, allow you to create almost scenographic effects with the surrounding architecture.